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Marco - Lernender 2016 bis 2020

"The combination of technology and precision fascinates me, which is why I wanted to become a polymechanic. Besides, I was never bored at LT and I always enjoyed coming to work."



Sandro - Lernender 3. Lehrjahr

"Sandro is working on a prototype. Soon he'll be operating a CNC turning center exclusively"


Thomas - Lehrlingsausbildner 3. und 4. Lehrjahr

"Why I never get bored? The alternation of workshop, the machines and tools and office, working on the computer."



25 Days Holiday

Family-owned company

Apprentice Exchange

Free work clothes

Annual company trip

Easy to reach by public transport

Duration of the apprenticeship

  • The apprenticeship as a polymechanic EFZ lasts 4 years.
  • For graduates of the Matura last apprenticeship 2 years.
  • The vocational baccalaureate can be completed during or after the apprenticeship.

School requirements

  • Intermediate or advanced level of secondary education.

Personal requirements

  • Interest in technical connections and mechanics
  • Abstract, logical thinking
  • Craftsmanship
  • Spatial imagination
  • Precise and thorough working method
  • Good performance in mathematics and physics

Further training opportunities

  • The mechanical, electrical and metal industries are versatile and globally oriented. A basic education as a polymechanic opens up many opportunities for employment at home and abroad.


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